About eStudentLoan

eStudentLoan was started in 1998 by a small team who recognized that sorting through all of the options to finance a higher education was unnecessarily complex. The idea was simple: Use technology to make the task of finding, comparing and applying for private student loans understandable. As one might imagine, this is not an easy task.

Throughout the years, our LoanFinder has undergone several evolutions and even sat on the shelf during the credit crisis that arose in 2007/2008.

Now, with the cost of a higher education soaring higher every year, a still struggling economy, and record enrollment, we're back in 2013 to continue our work of making borrowing a private student loan to help pay for college easier.

Use our site to learn about student loans and financial aid. When you need a student loan to pay for college, use our LoanFinder to compare your options. And, when you do borrow, remember to borrow only what you need.