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Now that you have completed your college education, it’s time to start making payments on your student loans. In some cases, consolidating multiple loans into one can be a benefit, but there are several things to consider before taking that step. Browse our helpful articles to navigate the student loan consolidation process and determine if it’s right for you.

7 Ways to Save Yourself Money and Stress Regarding Your Student Loans
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You may feel a new sense of liberation having just graduated. To you, the post-grad life means no more homework, no more tests, no more surprise presentations, or six page papers at three in the morning. No more responsibilities right?…Wrong. If anything, you have just acquired one of the biggest responsibilities known to post graduates, paying off student loans. Make sure you are planning ahead and saving yourself money so that your loan repayment process can be a smooth transition and doesn’t completely stress you out.

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Should You Consider Student Loan Consolidation?
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Loan ConsolidationWhen you graduate from college, you may find that you have multiple student loans, such as federal, private or a combination of both. It will be your responsibility to know when the grace period on each ends and repayment begins. If you are well-organized and have kept up with your lenders, this should not be an issue, but some students may find it taxing to try and juggle multiple accounts. Student loan consolidation is often popular among recent college graduates because it provides an opportunity for you to bundle your loans into fewer accounts, simplifying the repayment process. Although this may seem like an easy solution to managing your student debt, there are a few things you should consider before deciding if student loan consolidation is right for you.

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