We provide financial aid resources for students, parents, educators, guidance counselors and financial aid professionals. We are committed to providing material we think will assist in the understanding of student loans, in particular, and financial aid in general. If there is a resource such as a calculator, spreadsheet or presentation you would like us to develop, let us know.

Student Loan Graphics
  • Financial Aid Flowchart: A Guide for Students Paying for College
    With all of the options that exist to help fund a college education, we understand it can be overwhelming for students and parents to even know where to begin. For those seeking financial assistance beyond just scholarships and grants, this flowchart will help you explore every possible path to paying for college in the order that you should apply.
Scholarship Search Service Reviews
  • 2014 Scholarship Search Service Reviews
    With millions of awards and thousands of providers, it's essential to use a scholarship matching service to help surface scholarships that match your unique bacground. We take a close look at eight of the top ranking services in our 2014 review.
  • Student Loan Payment Calculator
    Want to know what your monthly payment might be given a loan amount, repayment term and interest rate? Use our student loan payment calculator to find out.
  • Student Loans and Financial Aid Glossary
    Most financial aid is provided by the federal government and the terminology surrounding the process and programs can get pretty jargon-heavy. Our glossary attempts to make sense of that terminology and alphabet soup in language anyone can understand.