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We provide financial aid resources for students, parents, educators, guidance counselors and financial aid professionals. We are committed to providing material we think will assist in the understanding of student loans, in particular, and financial aid in general. Please visit our various resources and find out what you might have not known about the student loan process.

We hope our blog will help answer the questions you've always had but didn't know where to find the answers. There are dozens of aspects that go into finding a student loan, from FAFSA, to the different types of student loans, to the wide variety of student loan repayment plans. We offer articles galore to help you make the right student loan decision and hopefully to find ways to save money while getting a student loan.

Further, we've compiled a full student loan definitions and financial aid terms glossary for your convenience. In addition, our student financial aid section can give you insights into the types of financial aid you can get and the types of financial aid you can qualify for. Finally, feel free to use our useful student loan payment calculator - find out what your payments may be and how long it will take you to pay off student loans.

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