Chart the Right Course with Our Financial Aid Flowchart

Chart the Right Course with Our Financial Aid Flowchart

Let’s face it, navigating the financial aid seas can be a tumultuous process. With today’s abundance of options and offers, students have a tough task of finding the most prudent course to college funding that won’t set them adrift. Many find themselves in over their heads, so we’re throwing out this ‘financial aid’ life preserver, our financial aid flowchart, to help keep them afloat.

In an effort to help students choose the most fiscally responsible route for financial aid, we’ve created an interactive Financial Aid Flowchart. This flowchart will help guide students, step-by-step, down a cautious path towards finding money for college that’s as easy as treading water.

We start by navigating students through scholarships and grants, then through additional types of non-traditional funding, such as employer tuition assistance programs. Continuing to follow the map, we then proceed to pre-planned resources and the proper student loan process.

Getting this process right is crucial, as there are serious financial ramifications when borrowing large amounts of money. Students should do their homework by reviewing all of their options, following a plan (as suggested by this flowchart), and applying themselves. When done correctly, they can graduate with lower student loan amounts and better interest rates, which also leads to lower payments.

To get started, sudents simply need to head over to our Financial Aid Flowchart, read each question, and click accordingly. Each answer will whisk students off to the next logical step in their college funding plan.

To help financial aid officers, guidance counselors, and students that would like a graphic or print out of the Financial Aid Flowchart, we created versions that can be added to a website or printed as a PDF.

Bon voyage and good luck!

Financial Aid Flowchart